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Fabric Development

We develop and design our fabrics for each season, as part of our policy of continuous innovation and differentiation of the products we offer.


Fabric Development

Clothing Design

We counsel and create on design development with avant-garde proposals


Clothing Design

Technical Consulting

We guide you to convert your designs into tangible products


Technical Consulting

Personalized Customer Care

Customer service is our highest priority, as such we pride on accurate and prompt communication


Personalized Customer Care





At Kusa Cotton Peru, we pride on giving greater added value to our customers' products; offering innovation in the development of new fabrics with a mixture of unique high-end fibers, fine finishes, smoothness and uniformity to the fabric - using processes that ensure the sustainability of our planet.

We have a network of strategic partners whose experience, creative capacity and technology allows us to offer each season unique offers to our customers.




Our Product Development department has a long experience and creativity to advise clients in the customization of their designs. We also have a latest generation pattern making software.


Technical Consulting

Several of our customers are high fashion designers with demanding level of creativity - We advise on efficiency projects to achieve viable products in production without losing the essence of their creation.


Personalized Customer Care

Customer service is our highest priority, as such we pride on accurate and prompt communication. Our team is proficient with the high standards of international global customers.

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We are a corporation of leading professionals with a long experience in the textile sector. We operate with high standards of planning, development and production – We are recognized internationally, and we are within the top ranked exporters of clothing in Peru.

We put our knowledge to service our clients for design development and products to help them achieve differentiation.

One of our core skills is in the production of high-end PIMA Organic cotton and we implement socially responsible practices with any of our suppliers.

Corporate Vision

To be a unique hub of product development for retail and private label clothing brands that aim to showcase their product innovation

Corporate Mission 

Design, Develop, Produce and Export High End Quality Products through continuous process improvement and our people’s development – to achieve exceptional satisfaction for our customers, providers and our surrounding community, with our compromise of working collaboratively with them for its development.



Our passion and commitment give us the strength to work hard in order to get our goals


We are involved and well organized with our staff who are constantly training for our own development


We are a flexible team, ready to face new challenges and always looking for innovation



We look for building a 

strong, reliable and 

longterm partnership with our clients


We work with integrity and honesty, respecting our clients, staff and our community

All our shipments are under incoterms FOB/FCA terms. However, we are able to support with all the shipping procedures at destination if it is required.


The finishing process is performed by profesional workers making sure that every single garment accomplish with our customer’s specifications


We develop and design new and different fabrics every season, so we can offer unique options for you to inspire and to stand out over your competitors

Product Design and Development

Key Competences

The garments are manufactured by wide experienced workers in making high quality garments.


The fabric knitting, dyeing and finishing process are performed by ourselves through high qualified factories who work with quality standards worldwide accepted, being so our most important strength


Our printed fabrics pass all international requirements of lead and phtalatos content. Besides the softness hand feel and the eco friendly inks.

Our embroideries have high definition due the skill of our            collaborators.

Printing and Embroidering



Ron Browning

Designer & Owner R.Browning824

 "Working with Kusa Cotton Peru S.A.C. in Lima, Peru has enabled our company to grow our business and expand our product line over the past year. Most importantly is their attention to detail, high quality, and on-time deliveries. Gino and Rosario respond quickly to questions and changes, and their knowledge of garment construction is invaluable."

Cristina Watkins

Buyer Manager, MCA Textil Ltda., Brasil

 "Today we received the last order .They are beautiful! tissues, modeling, especially the finishing of the garments of excellent quality. Congratulations!
Also, I want to commend the way we were sent in separate plastic bags for age. Congratulations !!!!!" 
" The pieces are very well made, congratulations. Your seam, finishing, is wonderful. Excellent, perfect stitching. Everyone here praise you and your team."

Fair Trade

The Fairtrade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade with special interest in social and environment criteria. (World Fair Trade Organization, WFTO).


In this sense and following our Company philosophy of standard processes and continuous improvement, we are performing activities in order to get the Fairtrade Certification to contribute with the sustainable development for our community by offering better trading conditions to our workers and suppliers and taking environment protection habits.


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